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Idyllic Bongabong

I thought I had to share the wonderful pictures on my trip on Sunday,  February 24, 2008, to Bongabong, a town in Compostela Valley in the Philippines. 

Bongabong is blessed with (yellowish) white sand beaches, lush mangrove forests, and an idyllic and peaceful atmosphere. It is 2 to 2 and a half hours’ drive from Davao City, and is just on the road going to Central Pantukan, ComVal and Mati, Davao Oriental.

There are no established or developed resorts in Bongabong. The beaches are still undeveloped and are filled with spiny corals in parts, so it wouldn’t be advisable to walk barefoot in the water. If developed, the place would be as spectacular as any beach in Samal Island because, like Samal Island, Bongabong’s coast is lined with a yellowish-sand beach.


Bongabong’s Mangrove Forest

1. Mangrove Forest along Bongabong’s Coast



4. A small stream cuts through this part of the Mangrove forest. Read More…

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Waling: A Legend

Since my first post would coincide with the Kadayawan season in the Davao Region, Philippines, i thought it would be fitting to post a Legend which I wrote in 1998, published in Philippine Star in 2000 (they edited it too, shame), and published in the Philippine Orchid Society’s quarterly publication also in 2000.  To the uninitiated, the Waling-waling orchid (Vanda sanderiana) is one of the symbols of the Davao Region, having been discovered in the foothills of Mount Apo by a scientific team commissioned by Sanders in 1882 (hence the scientific name Vanda sanderiana).  I have reproduced the story in its entire, unadulterated, unedited glory, so pardon the grammatical errors and the prevalent cheesiness.

The legend of the Waling-Waling Orchid (Vanda sanderiana)
by Brian Dexter M. Medija

vanda sanderiana - waling-waling orchid - native to Davao City, Philippines
The origins of the Waling-waling elude memory, yet its beauty continues to dazzle those that behold its splendid blossoms, even inspiring awe and wonder as to how such pulchritude came to be. The beautiful Waling-Waling abounds in Davao–on the lush slopes of Mount Apo, the grandfather of mountains.

On the banks of the upper Daba-daba, whose waters meander from Read More…

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Thanks to TJ Brewed…

Thanks to TJ-Brewed for giving me the idea to start a blog on this website. 

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Handsome, Winsome Canibad

Snaking up the mountains and highlands of Samal Island on a rough and dusty dirt road seemed endless, and in the agony of a hurting butt, and the endless fear of a bursting tire, I told myself, “this better be good.”  Indeed, the uphill route from Penaplata was long and bumpy, and ten people in a small multicab, plus the driver and one crew, can easily bring one city boy’s mind to think up terrifying possibilities.  It was pitch dark where the headlights left off, and it was almost eleven in the evening.  “Man, this better be good,” went my prayer-chant while the squeaking engine drowned the chatter and the laughter of the passengers.0610200717176_canibad03

 A sudden halt in the middle of a hill shot a thousand question marks on the dark and bleak space surrounding my head, while the smell of burning rubber penetrated the thick booger deposits made almost entirely of limestone dust.  “Where the f*ck is it?” I screamed silently while I looked around for some semblance of a hammock hanging between two palm trees on a sandy white beach, or a gleaming flute of pine-orange juice or four seasons cocktail on a dainty rattan table. Realizing something, three dozen more question marks shot up from my head while two tiny fireflies flickered in front of me.  I almost asked one firefly, “is the sea up here on Shenyang balls?”

Then things got worse, the driver Read More…

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