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Etymology: how this place came to be known as Davao

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Davao is said to have derived its name from the word, Daba-daba, a region of flames or fire as recorded in the books of the early Jesuit priests. Some sources say this word is of Bagobo origin which is the name of the sacred brush that belonged to the chieftain of the early Bagobos named Datu Duli who lived in the rolling hills of Sandawa Mountain. As was the custom during the ancient times, the Bagobos kept the fire burning twenty four hours a day throughout the year. And the fire was supposed to be burning at the foot of the Sacred Brush called Daba-daba.

on Davao:

Local historians claim that the word DAVAO came from the phonetic blending of the word of three Bagobo subgroups when referring to Davao River, an essential waterway which empties itself into Davao Gulf near the city. The aboriginal Obos who inhabit the hinterlands of the region called the river, Davoh; the Clatta or Guiangans called it Duhwow, or Davau, and the Tagabawa Bagobos, Dabu. To the Obos, the word davoh also means a place “beyond the high grounds”, alluding to the settlements located at the mouth of Davao River which were surrounded by high rolling hills. When asked where they were going, the usual reply is davoh, while pointing towards the direction of the town. Duhwow also refers to a trading settlement where they barter their forest goods in exchange for salt or other commodities.



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  2. I love your site! 🙂

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