Posted by: bridex | September 18, 2010

A perfect rainbow over Mount Apo

I was just taking photos of Mt. Apo from the terrace this morning when a sudden downpour seemed to dampen the hope of getting clear views of the “grandfather of Philippine mountains,” which looks its best in the early morning. Luckily, the rain was short-lived and, when the sky cleared up, a perfect arch of a rainbow figured over the southern Davao landscape and directly above Mt. Apo. So I took the rare opportunity to capture the wonderful spectacle with my Nikon camera. Here’s one of the better shots among the 30 or so I took. If you look closely at the photo, there appears to be another rainbow on top of the clear one. I thought it’s just marvelous in a two-birds-with-one-stone kinda way. What a wonderful way to start my weekend! 🙂



  1. hi…i would like to inquire how it would cost island hopping and the itenerary…..
    i would also like to ask advices of which beautiful spots of davao city is best to go for only 1 day para naman masulit yung time namin na pumunta ng davao…its purely a tour in davao….

    hope to hear from you…..thanks!!
    god bless

    • Hi may! The last time I island-hopped in Davao was sometime in September 2010, or about a month ago. We didn’t avail of any island tour packages. We just went straight to Sta. Ana wharf and rented a 45-seater for 8,000. Looks like the boat rental prices have gone up since i posted my island hopping article (sometime 2008). We rented the boat for one whole day but we opted to stay on one popular beach of Isla Reta on Talikud island. The boat was parked in Isla Reta for the whole day, although we could have gone to some other spots if we chose to. We just saw no need for it because brought along one speed boat, a rubber boat, a larger yacht-type boat, and one jetski, that we used to get to other places on Talikud Island.

      At P8,000 for a whole day boat rental, and with around 30 people on board, that was already a good bargain. You just have to spend more for your food, drinks, et cetera, again, depending on your budget and needs.

      Hope this helps! Enjoy island hopping!

  2. wow! Nice photo! 😀

  3. Amazing ! nice shot 🙂

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