Posted by: bridex | March 19, 2008

Zipping and Cabling at Camp Sabros

Camp Sabros Photos.
Click to view larger image.
The Camp Sabros main entrance. Cez, Kikai and I pose at the main entrance arch upon arrival.


Hiking one-kilometer up to Camp Sabros is tiring but fun. It affords you ample time to enjoy the marvelous scenery on the way up. It’s a good exercise, too!


There’s more! Zip Ahead.

Yesterday’s experience can be summed up as

Monday, 17 March 2008, was declared a local holiday in Davao City (Araw ng Dabaw), so I and two of my friends plus one driver went on an adventure to a mountain resort in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur.

Nestled in the mountains 3,900 feet (around 1,200 meters) above sea level is Camp Sabros, a mountain eco-adventure spot that has been featured on national outdoor and adventure show, Sports Unlimited, and noted for having two of the country’s longest and craziest zip lines : 380 meters and 400 meters.

We parked our vehicle at the outpost guarding the Mt. Apo National Park and the Mt. Apo Mountaineering Trail before hiking uphill to Camp Sabros. Vehicles may be brought all the way up to Camp Sabros, but we opted that out. Trekking to the Camp is laborious but fun. It affords you ample time to enjoy the marvelous scenery on the way up. It’s a good exercise, too!

(Info and Tips on Camp Sabros can be found at the end of this post, please

The trail we walked was a steep dirt track so that when we finally reached the entrance arch to the camp, we were all panting and sweating. But it was all worth it because the moment we stepped on the camp’s wide grounds, we knew that we were just inches from our Superman Adventure!

Another Entrance Arch
Pine trees dominate the landscape of Camp Sabros, giving it a Baguio-esque feel. This is another entrance to the camp.


Zip Lines and Cable Car
Marc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo of Sports Unlimited fame were here!

The safety of Zip Line riders is on top of Camp Sabros’ priorities. A system of harnesses and locks ensures a worry-free zip to the other mountain.
My friends take off to an exhilarating zip line ride – à la Superman (…err, Supergirls?) I and Don, the driver, followed shortly. Weeeee!!!


The 380-meter zip line takes you from the Camp Sabros terminal and glides you 20 storeys high (around 200 feet) over a densely forested ravine/valley down to the terminal on the “other mountain.” A Cable Car brings you from the “other mountain” back to Camp Sabros. You have the option to “zip” back to the camp via the the longest zip line in the Philippines (400 meters long) but it travels at twice the speed. We opted to take the Cable Car instead.

Relax, Unwind in the Diner
Vintage decors and mementos adorn the walls of the diner. After the zip line and cable car adventure, we stayed at the deli to have some meals. We then had a little fun playing billiards and just hung around and lazed about.


Awesome Place
When one looks outside from the billiard hall at the diner, the scene looks like an American or European postcard.


I swear, the Camp Sabros climate was colder than Baguio’s! The scene looked almost surreal with thick fog enveloping the areas in and around Camp Sabros.


Helpful Info and Tips on Camp Sabros:

1. Travel Time. From Downtown Davao, around two hours.

* 45 mins to 1 hour from Downtown Davao to the junction of the National Highway and the road to Kapatagan.

* 45 mins to 1 hour from the National Highway uphill on the Kapatagan road to the Mt. Apo National Park Checkpoint.

2. Suggested Transportation.
* If you want to go all the way up to Camp Sabros, a 4-wheel drive vehicle/suv is recommended.
* You may bring any vehicle if you are willing to trek 1 km uphill to Camp Sabros. Just park your vehicle at the Mt. Apo National Park Checkpoint.

3. Location and Directions. Camp Sabros is at Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur, Philippines, in the mountains 1200 meters/3900 feet above sea level. From Davao City, travel south on the National Highway en-route to Digos City. Upon reaching Barangay Cogon in Digos, you will see a Y-Road that leads you to either General Santos City or Kidapawan. Follow the Kidapawan Route (slow down from this point on and look to the right of the road). Before reaching the DASURECO (Davao del Sur Electric Company) compound, you will see a road on the right side of the highway with a sign saying “THIS WAY TO KAPATAGAN.” Turn right and from then on just follow the road to Kapatagan. When you reach the checkpoint to the Mt. Apo National Park / Mt. Apo Mountaineering Trail, the road to Camp Sabros is to the right and uphill. (I’ll make a road map and post it here soon.)

The road to Kapatagan consists of alternating segments of concrete and dirt roads of varying widths. Generally, the road is good and manageable, sometimes a little steep in parts. Sedans and small cars may be brought to Kapatagan but not up to Camp Sabros, which would require a 4-wheel drive vehicle. You can always park your vehicle at the Mt. Apo checkpoint and go on foot to Camp Sabros – a one-kilometer uphill hike. (tiring but fun!)

4. Suggested Clothing. The climate at Camp Sabros is cool and sometimes wet and rainy (at times colder than Baguio). A good, warm jacket or sweater is essential. Rubber shoes are a must especially on rainy days (and moreso if you decide to hike up and down Camp Sabros).

5. Overnight Stay. Fireplace-equipped Log Cabins that can accommodate 4 to 10 persons are available for rent.

* Php1,200 per night (good for 4 persons),

* Php2,000 per night (good for 10 persons)

6. Food and Drinks, etc.. You may bring food and drinks to Camp Sabros. The deli at Camp Sabros also serves food at affordable prices (P20-P50 per order!). The mini-store at the deli also sells instant food, chichirya (junk food) and other foodstuff, coffee and ice-cold beverages. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are also available for sale at the deli. Personal hygiene items are available at the deli store (sanitary napkins, soap, toothpaste, etc.).

7. Adventure, Entertainment, Amenities, etc. Zip Lines (380 meters and 400 meters – the two longest in the Philippines), Cable Car, Hiking trail. Picnic Tables, Wide Open Grounds, Cable TV, Billiard Hall, Deli/Diner, Bar, Bonfire, Souvenir Shop. Clean toilets, Running Water.

8. Communications, Electricity. Major cellphone carriers have good signals at Camp Sabros. My Globe phone was on full signal bars when I was there. There is electricity on Camp Sabros, with occasional but brief power interruptions.

9. Admission and Fees. No entrance fees, no corkage fees. Zip Line rides range from 150 to 300 Pesos per head. To sign up and pay for the “superman” rides, approach the lady behind the counter in the diner. You can even approach one of the owners, Mr. Edwin Sacdalan, who is very friendly and accommodating, and always ready to strike up a chat. I would suggest that you line up for the rides once you get to Camp Sabros. Queues can get real long on weekends and “peak” days.

*380 meters (zip 380 meters to the other mountain, then ride a cable car back to Camp Sabros)

(a) in pairs – Php150 per head
(b) solo – Php200 per head

*400 meters(zip 380 meters to the other mountain, then zip 400 meters at DOUBLE SPEED back to Camp Sabros)


10. Contact Number, Reservations, Times Open. @Kaspersky was too kind to supply the contact number of Camp Sabros. It’s 0920-875-0015 (+639208750015). Camp Sabros is open to day tourists from 8:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. daily.

If you have a story to share of your experience(s) in Camp Sabros, or if you would like to give your reactions, valuable contributions, corrections, suggestions, criticisms (keep ’em constructive, pls.), et cetera, please feel free to post a comment or send me an email at the address below. Thanks!

~ by Brian Dexter Medija (




  1. Been there too. Twas so fun riding the zip line. I love the cold atmosphere.. feels like I’m in Baguio City. Wanna go there again and by that time I will try the 400-meter zip line.

  2. wow. Glad I bumped into your entry. It was helpful. We’ll be there tomorrow…I am so excited.

  3. Thanks elaine, the place is just awesome. I’m sure you’ll have a hell of a good time!

  4. Hi CELO! I haven’t tried the 400-meter zip. I was going to but the rains came so maybe next time when I return i’ll try the 400-meter zip line – the fastest, craziest, longest zip ride in the whole country! WHEW!

  5. Hi, we wanted to go there tom. May I know the contact. no for reservation and transpo?ty.

  6. Hi amypantinople! THe one thing I missed to inquire about was the contact details of Camp Sabros. I know, stupid me! 😦

    I am not aware if Camp Sabros offers shuttle services or the like. I think you will have to bring your own vehicle to the place.

  7. wheeeew…nice nice I flew solo nindot morag super man…..

  8. ganda! kelan pa kaya ako makakapunta dyan?

  9. We went there last March 31. As in it’s really an exhilarating adventure. Wow, di kabayran ang experience(kabayran oy, 150 for tandem and 200 for solo sa 380 m zip line according to Troy, ha, ha.) I shall return. Really!

  10. For the contact details, I read a few sites regarding Sabros, The contact # is 09208750015. They are open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. We’ll try to visit there as soon as my friends come back to Davao from MLa, I’m soooo excited ü

  11. Thanks @kaspersky for the contact number! That will surely be a lot of help! 🙂 I will surely come back to Camp Sabros when I get back to Davao.

  12. thanks for the info!…God bless!

  13. moadto pud mi ugma didto…c u there!…excited na ko….unta mag buntag na!

  14. che uban ko beh…..

    cge oi, una nlang mo, apas lang mi nila lucy, rose ug sheryl…mag ipon sa mi ug kwarta, pampalit ug sakyanan….hehehe

  15. Hi there, infos from this site is really helpful because we’re planning to go there in a few weeks. I have a question though, can we have a cook out in the place, you know bbq etc… what amenities are available for kids because we’ll bring our 3-year old son with us…

  16. it would have been nice if i get to see the pictures… (i think its displayed but wala man sa page when i opened the site) it think the page failed to really open the pix. enweis, is this the one featured sa sports unlimited?

  17. There must’ve been some problems at imageshack where my pictures are stored. I hope it’s fine by now. Yes this is the one featured on Sports Unlimited. You should visit the place. 🙂

  18. Thanks for the info Bridex. It surely was helpful.

  19. Hi! info about, food, please?

    hehe.. pag we do an over night dun.. may food ba for dinner?

    saka may shower ba yung cottages?

  20. Yes I think you can arrange with the deli “manager” or one of the the owners himself regarding your food orders. The deli does serve meals.

    As for the ‘shower’, I have not been inside the cottages/log cabins so I couldn’t say if they come equipped with a bathroom. There is, however, a bathroom behind the deli, which has hot and cold shower, if my memory serves me right.

  21. wow wow. very detailed! thanks for this.. tis very useful

  22. we are palnning to there by june or july. pano ung transpo going there, if we dont have our own car? tnx

  23. hi @aleth. I don’t really know about public transportation going to Kapatagan. But based on my observations when I was in Kapatagan, there are public utility jeepneys that go up to the Kapatagan market. There are also habal-habals (motorcyles) that you can (probably) hire to take you from the market to the Mt. Apo Checkpoint.

    You can also rent vans or vehicles but that would be expensive. The best way, really, is to bring your own vehicle or borrow/rent one from a friend. Perhaps, to make things “lighter” to the vehicle owner, you and your friends can divide the fuel expenses and add a little extra for Car-Washing after the trip.

  24. very good information..we are planning to drop by this November after Apo.. 🙂

  25. thanks!!!

  26. i watch the video for every ride. Can i ask if the the videocam or recording material can be connected at the gadgets we wore or something at the cable or there are someone taken while riding. Can i have the idea about the position of the videocam, celfone.

  27. Hi @Nic! When I was there, I brought my phone with me but didn’t get the chance to “shoot” a vid of myself while zipping because I didn’t have a strap, scared that I might lose grip of the phone. Hehe. I shot a video of myself and my friends only during our Cable Car ride. It was my first time on a zip ride, so i didn’t know that it is actually doable.

    I realized later that It wouldn’t be so hard to “shoot” a vid of yourself while zipping. I feel a tinge of regret not being able to do so, maybe i’ll do that when I return to Camp Sabros. You can shoot the video as you would if you shot yourself with your own cellphone (that is, you just hold your hand out and smile at the cam or whatever hehe), but you will be on your stomach while on a zip.

  28. Hi Dex ! you need a gripped hand to handle the camera while zipping hehe , anyway i saw one using a camera attached on a helmet 🙂

  29. thnx bro

  30. Hi bridex! i got really excited to go to davao cause of this marketing post you put up for Camp Sabros! hehe. anyway, are there 4×4 suvs for rent at Mt.Apo National Park checkpoint? just like that of Mt.Pinatubo..i dont want to go trekking’s too tiring..

    also, what’s the price range of food at the camp. Thanks much!

  31. Hey ivy! After reading your comment, I’m tempted to demand some remuneration from Camp Sabros! LOL!

    As to your query: There are a lot of car rental service providers in Davao, of which Marconi is the most popular. They might answer your 4×4 needs. 🙂

  32. hi..planning to go to sabros this holiday.. but were lookin for another area too

  33. First of all, thanks for this wonderful blog site of yours. It’s very impressive, especially the way you write and impart your thoughts and life experiences. It reminds me of my Ateneo days in Manila when I used to hang out with my high school chums in Katipunan and discuss anything from music, politics to whatever captures the human spirit. Anyhow, I am traveling to Davao City to meet my fiance and her family February 5th of 2009. Our initial get-together would be a 3-day stay at Eden Nature Park with her entire family. Here’s my dilemma. I have no idea where to start with in trying to hire a vehicle for this exciting trip. Would you have any suggestions regarding van and 4×4 vehicle rentals in and around the city? I’d really appreciate anything you can throw at me.

    Another thing I would like to ask you is, “Can we bring food to Eden”? I’m renting the log cabin they have (accommodates 12 persons) and we plan to just have cookouts, bring our own wines and spirits, and prepare our own meals ourselves as well. I haven’t had the chance to call Eden given the the time zone disparity but I just thought I’d throw that question in the mix.

    Thanks in advance and I hope you keep and maintain this blog of yours. It is
    very informative.

    Warm regards to you and your family!

  34. hi pwede malaman man lang yung exact location papunta dun as in galing sa matina davao. hindi ko kasi kabisado davao hehe. kung okay lang post mo naman ang MAP papunta dun hehe thank you so much i appreciate it. T.C ;;)

  35. right now, i am surfing the net for blogs about cam sabros. just to keep as ready and be all-geared up. you post was informative!
    thank you so much. we are plannig to go there 2mrw. hmm…hope matuloy kami! ^_^

  36. been there twice.

    1st time experience: dry land paakyat(hiking pra exercise.) we tried the 380m, 400m & cable car. overnight kami, buti hindi kami inabot ng ulan kasi after namin mag-zip dun nagstart umulan. hot and cold ang shower. 🙂

    2nd time: it was raning na… naghike kami ulit paakyat, kasi mas safe siya kesa sa sumakay ng motor or horse sobrang dulas kasi. this time meron ng 820m and we tried it (sobrang enjoy). sumakay na kami ng horse pababa.

  37. I really love your article..
    I will return later..
    We have same niche blog

  38. we want to go in camp sabros next month can we bring tent?? i just want to know the entrance of the tent or it is allowed to bring tent.

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