Posted by: bridex | February 27, 2008

Idyllic Bongabong

I thought I had to share the wonderful pictures on my trip on Sunday,  February 24, 2008, to Bongabong, a town in Compostela Valley in the Philippines. 

Bongabong is blessed with (yellowish) white sand beaches, lush mangrove forests, and an idyllic and peaceful atmosphere. It is 2 to 2 and a half hours’ drive from Davao City, and is just on the road going to Central Pantukan, ComVal and Mati, Davao Oriental.

There are no established or developed resorts in Bongabong. The beaches are still undeveloped and are filled with spiny corals in parts, so it wouldn’t be advisable to walk barefoot in the water. If developed, the place would be as spectacular as any beach in Samal Island because, like Samal Island, Bongabong’s coast is lined with a yellowish-sand beach.


Bongabong’s Mangrove Forest

1. Mangrove Forest along Bongabong’s Coast



4. A small stream cuts through this part of the Mangrove forest.

The Beach and views of Samal Island across the Davao Gulf.

5. The Northwest tip of Samal Island can be seen from Bongabong


7. My sister poses on one of the rocks jutting from the beach.

Bongabong’s Yellowish-sand beach is similar to those on Samal Island.

8.  Driftwood can be seen beached on Bongabong’s coast.  This one would cost a fortune when sold at the furniture shops in the City.




Fisherfolk “park” their bancas and launches on the Beach



14. “Swaki” (spelling?), a species of sea urchin, is eaten raw by local folk, and is a known delicacy in coastal regions. This sea creature is an easy find in Bongabong’s beach and coral rocks, especially at low tide.

by Brian Dexter M. Medija (



  1. its a great place,hope you posted more next time especially beaches in pantukan.

  2. Hi Allen Jose Marie. I’d love to go back to Pantukan. I hope i’d be able to post an entry on Pantukan soon.

  3. kumusta na ang bongabong? Dugay2x na pud ko wala ka anha diha. Totskie musta naman tawn mu diha?

  4. Charlie, dave, long2x, ivy, yag2x. Musta naman mu diha, sana okay lang kayo diyan. gbu mga totskie.

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